Weather and Your Health

Children Weather-Safe Tips:

1. If you hear thunder, stop playing outside and go inside your home or nearest building. Lightning is very dangerous. 

2. Do not play sports if you hear thunder. That means lightning is near.

3. If you see or hear a tornado warning for your area, go to your safe place in your home. A safe place would be a basement, interior closet, bath tub. Lay down on your stomach and cover yourself with blankets, pillows for protection of flying debris. Don't be scared-we'll keep you advised on KAMC TV or radio stations KISS 102 FM....FMX 94 FM....KOOL 98.1 FM and KFYO 790 AM. 

4. During severe thunderstorms, stay away from windows. Sit in your chair and listen for updates. Hail can be loud and scary...stay calm and listn to our weather updates.

5. If a severe thunderstorm is detected, make sure your pets are in a safe place too.

6. During dusty-windy days, limit your outside play time or other activities. Dust can make your allergies increase resulting in nose and eye irritatons.

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